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Rummy Online India, Play Indian Rummy for Real Cash at Adda52Rummy.com

Rummy Online India, Play Indian Rummy for Real Cash at Adda52Rummy.com

Adda52rummy.com is the best Indian rummy site that offers online rummy games in different formats. Whether it’s points rummy, pool rummy or marriage rummy, you can play every rummy variant on our site. We take pride to be the first and the only online rummy site that runs 13 card marriage rummy. Playing rummy online at Adda52rummy is quick, easy, and completely free. All you need to do is Sign Up and start playing rummy to enjoy the most loved card game of India and win big prizes like gold coins, latest electronic gadgets, and real cash.The simple yet unique interface of Adda52rummy appeals to both amateur and professional rummy players. The freeroll tournaments on our site allow you to play free rummy and compete with best players from across the country.

Quick Ways to Master 21 Cards Rummy

Quick Ways to Master 21 Cards Rummy

21 Cards Rummy is the most exciting variant of Indian rummy. Thanks to the stimulative and tricky element in the game that makes it an exiting rummy game to play. This variant was less popular than 13-card rummy in offline rummy until the game was launched online. Today, 21-card rummy stand among the popular card games that are played online. Being a complex game, it is easy to learn the game. All you need to do is equip yourself with the basic rules of the game.

Rules of 21 Cards Rummy

  • The game is played between 2 to 6 players and uses 3 decks of cards.
  • Each player is dealt with 21 cards.
  • A random card is selected as Joker is selected from the remaining cards.
  • The objective of the game is to arrange all the cards in sets and sequences.
  • In the game-play, players have to pick a card from closed deck and discard a card from their hand to make sets and sequences.


  • One random card from the deck is chosen as Joker which is also known as wild card joker or the cut joker.
  • In 21-card rummy, there are two types of value cards - Upper Cut and Lower Cut.
  • The card one rank above the cut Joker is the Upper Cut while the card one rank below the cut Joker is the Lower Cut.
  • For instance, if 5 is the Cut Joker, then the Upper Cut will be 6 and Lower Cut will be 4. There do exist an exception in this case, for instance, if printed joker is the cut joker, then it will be treated as Ace. So, K will be Upper Cut and 2 will be Lower Cut.

Tunnela and Dublee

The concept of Tunnela and Dublee makes 21-card rummy different from other variants of online rummy.

  • Tunnela and Dublee are the different melds possible in the game.
  • A Tunnela is made with 3 cards of the same rank and same suit, for eg. 4♣ 4♣ 4♣.
  • A Dublee is made with 2 cards of the same card and same suit, for eg. 4♠ 4♠.

Win 21 Cards Rummy

While playing 21-cards rummy, it is necessary to be familiar with the common combinations of melds to make a correct declare at the showdown. Following are some some combinations you should always keep in mind when playing this rummy variant:

  • Three Pure Sequences.
  • Arrange the remaining cards in sets or sequences.
  • Three Tunnelas of different groups.
  • Eight Dublees of different groups.
  • Eight Jokers in a single group.
  • Always try to meld the value cards or discard them if not needed as these cards has extra points that will penalize you.

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